shopping away..

I have been busy shopping online lately. I bought a few things for my trip to NYC.
I got this sweet messenger bag in Mustard from Etsy. It came from the this cute shop. Check out all the cute bags and purse she has in there. Great quality! I wanted a bag that I could throw around my body and carry lots of stuff. I think it will work out perfect. :)

I also bought this sweet camera strap from this awesome shop. It's super cute. I need a camera strap bad from my 35mm camera. I really want to shoot film while in NYC... black in white preferably. :)

I have been wanting a pair of TOMS for a long while.. (see here). I finally bought a pair last week. I really like the classic Ash canvas and they were in stock so I ordered them.. only to find out that there system was down and they actually don't have any in. So I'm on a waiting for these bad boys to come back in. I like the neutral color that will go with a lot of things.

I have a few more things I need to get before my trip to NYC. Any suggestions?


Serendipity in the City said...

Hey Ashley! How many more days until NYC?!! Sorry I never responded to your e-mail. My whole inbox got wiped out when I changed servers, and I couldn't find your e-mail address. Everyone was having trouble logging into my private blog, so I just went back to my old one. I know, I know... I'm the most fickle, indecisive person ever! The links in my profile if you're interested. And I love all the stuff you bought!

Ashley said...

I'm flying in on the 13th! :) so soon, only 9 days! I have been wondering whats been going on with your blog! haha! I'm super indecisive person as well, so i understand! :)

Thanks! I finally got my TOMS! :) See you soon! :)