I have completely abandoned my blog over the last month. I have been pretty busy.

With such things as:

-My mom and dads birthdays during the same week.

-Fundraiser Car Wash for the Relay for Life. We made about $350 at the car wash.

-Mothers Day

-the Penn Valley Rodeo (what a party weekend and so much fun!!)

-Amgen Tour of California Bike Race that started in my hometown!

-Relay for Life! What a long, tiring weekend that was! I raised about $630. Our team as a whole raised over $2,500! It was such a great event!

-Tim McGraw Concert with all my closest buddies! What a fun night. I'm not turning into a cowgirl...promise...but country concerts are truly some of the best.

-BBQ's galore!

-Way too much drinking... I need to cut back...

-Quick trip to Reno to visit cousins and party some more! yay!

-A prom themed birthday party and Latino night at a local bar=The best!

-This Saturday I will be watching my little brother get his highschool diploma! I can't believe that it has been 6 years since I graduated! Time flies by...

And finally getting ready for my departure to NYC! I leave for the big apple on Sunday! Couldn't be more excited! I need to update more.. just for the sake of being able to remember all the fun things I have done. Hopefully when I return I will get my butt into gear!

Hope everything is having a fabulous week!

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