You know those girls that can go to the gym, work out, and not even drip a sweat? The ones that can run and run then leave the gym and continue on with the rest of their day? Ya... I'm not one of them. When I work out, I'm like a man. I sweat and turn bright red. My hair is ruined and my makeup is gone. It's a bit annoying. I just returned from a little run/jog this evening and I'm dripping. If I had to go anywhere tonight I would have to shower and reapply everything. I feel like it's a good thing to sweat a lot though. It's like releasing all the bad toxins in your body. It's a natural coolant.

In that case, I wouldn't trade my sweaty back and my bright red face for the prior option. I need to learn to love my body for what it is... mine.


brittney375 said...

This is why I envy you a lot of the times Ash, because you are so confident and I really wish I had the confidence in myself that you have in yourself. Anyways I just think thats really cool and wanted to let you know =]

Ashley said...

You are nice Brit. You should be confident in your body and how you look! You are seriously beautiful! =) Love ya!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I like this post, it's so true! If it helps.. I am one of those people that cannot even make it to the gym, let alone last even 5 minutes :p
and it is important to love yourself exactly how you are :) xoxo