oh Dear...

Dear Autumn,
I dream about your cooler days. The fresh air. And the chilly nights. This 90+ weather is just too much. Let's take it down a notch. Si?

Dear NYC,
I miss you. Can we meet again soon?

Dear Marshalls Pasties,
I'm craving one ever since I walked into the place on Saturday. I think I'm going to come get a pasty tonight for dinner.

Dear Anthony,
I hope you feel better but I will beat you up if you get me sick. =)

Dear San Francisco,
I'm looking forward to my weekend visit in a few weeks. I hope it's sunny when I arrive. If not, I will forgive you since I know you can't help it.

Dear 49ers,
Will you please start playing like you were in preseason? I want to see a Win! Especially when I'm there watching you play against the Eagles.

Dear Friday,
You can come now.


Becca said...

"What in the world is a pasty??" was going to be my comment, until I saw your lovely link. Thanks for that :)
Pasties look so...interesting? What filling do you get in yours?

Ashley said...

Haha I'm glad I put the link in there! They are very tasty.

I normally order beef or turkey. Which usually has potatoes, onions, sometimes carrots. You can really pair any protein with any combo of veggies. They even have a broccoli cheese pasty. Yum!

Erica said...

btw... chris loved his! after norettas bday dinner at outback where we didn't eat anything we went back to his place and put them in the oven. his mom tried it too and liked it :D