Tonight will consist of:
♥craving pumpkins
♥hanging out with a few friends
♥drinking a beer or two
♥watching the Giants win
I love Fall!
*Don't mind the store bought pumpkins. I had no time this month to go out to our local pumpkin patch and when I had time the weather was crappy! I'm really sad about this... :(


Claire Kiefer said...

I haven't had time to go to a pumpkin patch either, sadly! Haven't carved one yet but looking forward to doing it. And go Giants! I'm stuck at the airport so I won't be able to watch, but I hope that San Francisco is celebrating when I get in tonight!

city girl said...

Hope you had a great night! I didn't get any pumpkins this year at all (sad face!) so I know how you feel! Store-bought are just as good as picked though, so have fun carving!