snuggle fest!

This weekend was full of snuggling!
Anthony and I babysat this cutie

We love him.. and want to keep him. **We will see what happens....**

It also snowed this weekend...which is pretty rare. We usually get one or two snow storms a year but this one came a bit early!

It was the perfect weekend to relax, snuggle, make some corn chowder, and nap.. oh and drink a glass of wine. =)

Hope everyone else had an awesome one! Looking forward to this week!

*lame photo quality from my blackberry!


Eva said...

aww, little whitish pink belly! how adorable :)


Claire Kiefer said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That puppy! I'm green with envy over here. He's so precious and floppy--there is literally nothing to put you in a good mood like a puppy. Unbelievable!

City Girl said...

Oh how cute, the pictures are adorable! And I can't believe you guys already had snow... totally not ready for that!

Ashley said...

thanks girls for the sweet comments. I want to keep the puppy so bad! He is soooo darn cute.

Melissa-i know!!!! it never snows this early! it's crazy.