We are women... hear us Roar!

I have pretty ladies in my life

Me, Lacie, and Kim

We all care for each other and would do most anything for one another.
Me, my mom, and sister

The bond that unites us is deeper than the blood we share
My sister Erica, Leslie my almost sister, me, and my sister Brit

We will stick by each other through thick and thin

Kyla and Heather, my twin cousins. Brit and Myself.

We will laugh, cry, pray, hug, fight, but always love!

I hope everyone is lucky to have awesome women in their lives. These pictures don't even show everyone. I have many more that make me who I am.


Fernando Santos (Chana) said...

Boa fotografia de lindas mulheres....Espectacular....

City Girl said...

You're all so cute! What's better than having amazing, supportive women (both friends and family) in your life? Have a great weekend!

Claire Kiefer said...

y'all are so cute and you look so much like your sister! and wow, your mama looks young!