current loves ♥

♥ A few things that I'm currently loving! ♥

I love Christmas music and I really love ol' blue eyes! I have been listening to this all week long!
I have been obsessed with this show! I'm on season 5!

I'm really loving my new Miz Mooz boots that I just bought. They are comfy and really classic looking!

I absolutely love this gloss! It's yummy tasting, makes your lips and breath fresh, and gives the right amount of shine!

a few other things I'm loving:
-the cranberry bliss bar from Starbucks!!
-Carmel brulee latte
-Christmas... in general. =)

What are you loving right now?!


Claire Kiefer said...

I am loving the Glee Christmas album, baking holiday cookies, and my festive nail polish (red on my toes, mint green on my fingers). :)

Cute boots!

Ashley said...

It's official...I'm downloading the Glee Christmas album tonight!! Thanks girls! =)