fat vs. cookies

I have been a fatty lately (as I type this I'm eating a chocolate chip cookie) but it's hard not to eat all the yummy stuff that comes along with the holidays (or anytime of year really). I'm really bad about exercising as well. I get in a little routine for about a week or two then it goes bye bye quicker than it started. I sit at a darn office desk all day too. argg...

With that being said, I signed up for a Pilate's class today that will start in January. I have never done pilates before. I have taken a few Yoga classes up at the local community college though. Is it similar? Anyway, I'm looking forward to going to it. I have to be involved in a class or something similar otherwise I don't commit. Hopefully I can tone up a bit and feel better about my body. Until then, will someone pass the cookies. =)

Speaking of cookies, I made Walnut Snowball cookies on Monday night. I found the recipe here and it's really easy. yuuuuummmmmmm!

What's been winning with you? cookies or exercise?


Claire Kiefer said...

Cookies have definitely been winning, and I'm willing to concede December to them, but I hope that exercise starts winning in the new year! Those cookies you made look so good! They look like the wedding cookies my mama makes. :)

Ashley said...

i'm sure glad i'm not the only one! haha

thanks so much. they were good....were as in they are all gone! hehe.

Erica said...

Pilates is awesome.... Judy swears by it. It tones from the inside out so it takes time to see results so don't be discouraged at first. It's hard though... I did it when I was fat though, lol, it's challenging, but I never took Yoga classes before. At Sierra when I tried taking a Yoga class I couldn't find it and wound up in the Step Aerobics class and ended up loving that to death and the teacher told me I would have hated Yoga if I loved her class so much.