on the go!

Remember that good news that I mentioned last week? Well....
I booked my flight to COSTA RICA!!! Yay!
I got a super good deal on them (at least i think so? lol)! Two round trip tickets from San Fran to San Jose, Costa Rica for $1230. So $615 each.
I used my tax return to buy the tickets and will continue to save a little each week until we leave in May. Also since I have been taking so much time off from work I'm going to be working an extra hour each day to gain some extra time. Starting work at 7am is tough..especially since the time change and the darkness. It will be worth it though! =)
I feel like if you want to do something then you have to make it happen. So that's what I'm doing!
Now we are trying to figure out what we want to see and do while there. Any suggestions?


Kimbirdy said...

woo hoo!!! that's SO awesome and i'm completely jealous! :) i don't know much about costa rica, but i know some friends have been and did a zip line. apparently that's a big thing there and you get to see a lot of the jungle that way. i'm sure whatever you end up doing, you'll have a blast!

Liz said...

You will LOVE it! My husband and I went to Costa Rica a couple years ago and it was one of my most favorite vacations ever! Let me know if you want any tips :)