sad stuff

I originally planned on sharing some exciting news but then I woke up to the news of the earthquake/tsunami that hit Japan. I would feel completely selfish if I spouted off on the my news.
My friend Macky is from Japan and he recently visited his parents that live there still. He said that his parents are o.k and I'm just thankful for that!
But for the hundreds who aren't.. I want to take this day to pray and mourn. Scary stuff is happening in this world.
I hope everyone has a good weekend but keeps the people of Japan in their hearts!
My exciting news can wait until Monday! =)


Meri said...

I've been thinking about the other side of the world, reflecting on how different things are over there. It's okay to be excited about good news too :)

Ashley said...

Thanks Meri! I know that it's ok to be excited.. i just felt silly when there is so much bad going on at this very moment.

Kimbirdy said...

i know, it's so heartbreaking!! i always think about how easily it could be all of us californians. i also have some dear friends from japan and i haven't heard if their families/friends are okay yet.

life is so unpredictable, so live it up while you have it good. can't wait to hear your good news!

Ashley said...

I'm scared for CA... I feel like we are next. Maybe I'm paranoid..but stil..AHH! I hope your friends are ok! I will keep them in my thoughts too.

Isn't that the truth! That's all we can do! Us bloggers know how to do it! ;)