christmas eve.

Christmas Eve.
We always spend it with my mom and step dad at their house. 
When we were little we would have a dinner and get to open one present that night then the next morning we would wake up early and open all our presents, then we would leave and go to the numerous relatives houses for the rest of the day. Now that we are older and none of us live at home we have a Christmas eve dinner and spend the rest of evening there and open our presents that night. It's nice. 

They got a brand new puppy too!! Her name is Zipp short for Zipporah. She is a great Pyrenees. She is going to be huge!! She is such a cute, mellow pup. I love her!!

Our sheep and goats. 


sweet pup! 

'the kids'

My mom always gets a new Christmas ornament

My brother, excited about presents 

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