oh, christmas tree.

This years short and stout Christmas Tree. Isn't it a cutie? I love having all the lights off and just working by the glow of the lights from the tree. Beautiful I tell ya! 

I like to display Christmas cards I receive in my Tree. I feel like it's a good way to show them off. =)

Also, Do you like my star?? I made it 10 years ago probably. My new star I bought last year was too heavy for this little guy. So i had to revert back to my construction paper creation. 

I would love to see everyone elses Christmas Trees. . .Leave a comment with a link to your post so I can see them!! =) 

I think the rest of the week will include an evening of driving around town to see all the Christmas lights with a nice cup of coffee and Christmas music blasting in the background. And possibly a stroll downtown to check out Cornish Christmas again. 

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Lost&Found said...

Such a cute Christmas tree! I almost love the small round ones better than the giant big ones!

Happy Christmas!