the crawl.

Santa Crawl 2011!

This is probably one of my new favorite traditions that come with December. You might remember this post from last year when we attended. It's an absolute awesome night. 

This year I decided to wear an Ugly Sweater because I found a pretty awful one at a yard sale. Also, I'm wearing black leggings with red tights over them.... just so you know I wasn't walking around with my butt out. =) If you live close to Reno, NV or even if you don't... I say you should try going sometime. It really is an awesome time. Plus Reno has the cheapest hotel rooms ever. 

Kim and I
My sister and I 
Getting ready shot! 

The Cups turned Green this year. Last year they were red! On the back of the cup you could fill it out with your name and check either Naughty, Nice, or Undecided. I marked undecided! =) I ended up being pretty nice that night though. 


Ran into a group of our guy friends that were all dressed up as Candy Canes. Great idea! 
The Girls of the Night! Brit, Heather, Kim, Kyla, and myself. 

I ended up not getting very many pictures once again. I wasn't carrying a purse. My sister was holding onto my camera in her purse and we got separated at one point and then she ended up ditching out a little bit earlier then everyone else.

Some highlights of the night:

-Starting really early at 5pm and going until 2am.

-Walking around with a huge group of us... around 15 people. (Not pictured.)

-Singing Jingle Bells while walking around outside and having lots of people join in. AWESOME!

-Hanging out underneath the famous Reno Arch and having people throw marshmallows all over the place. Having them get stuck to your shoes is another story....eww.

-Seeing some really creative costume ideas. It's not all about the santas! And planning a group costume idea for next year!

-Having an awesome late night snack at a restaurant called Hash House a go go. Yummy food. And that's not the alcohol talking!

-Having a nice little buzz the entire night and not waking up with the slights bit of a hangover. SCORE!

And that concludes Santa Crawl 2011. Can't wait for 2012! woot!


Erica said...

if that'ss the same hash house as there is in san diego and vegas it's amazing!!

Lost&Found said...

How fun! I've never heard of anything like this, but I may need to look into it for next year- besides, how doesn't love an excuse to dress up??

Happy Christmas!