family tree.

What a fun past two weekends it's been. 

I'm officially in the Christmas mood! Tonight when I got home from work I started wrapping gifts and poured myself a glass of sparkling apple cider...in a wine glass of course. All while listening to Christmas music (duh)! 

Not this past weekend but the weekend before we went out to Reno with the family to get our Christmas tree. Remember how I said I would take pictures....well this is all i got.

And to be honest... Anthony took these pictures. I FORGOT my nice camera. I was so bummed. 

It was crazy that there was practically no snow... because last year there was a ton! 

The other hours of the weekend were spent eating way toooo much sushi for a friends birthday, indulging in chocolate martinis, and being lazy with the family. 

Is everyone ready for Christmas? You know we are less then 2 weeks away.. which is absolute madness. I have a few gifts to buy still but I did a lot of online shopping this year. I'm going to get back to wrapping presents now. I hope everyone had a great weekend. 

Stay tuned for scenes from this weekend....

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