BB update.

What's been going on with me lately according to my blackberry...

Bought this Lucky Brand bracelet for myself while trying to Christmas shop for others. The plus side is  I had a gift card to Macys... so it was free. Isn't it pretty??

Grocery Shopping. Spending way too much on food. But saving $70 dollars while doing it too! Pretty good deal. Fyi, I just made a bomb dinner with that spaghetti squash. 

Pretty drives home from work.

What's up with these weird animal fur hats? I don't get it but my sister and I had fun trying them on at H&M.

Yummy leftovers from Thanksgiving for breakfast. Apple Crisp. mmmmm...

Well it's been a week since Thanksgiving. It was an awesome 4 days off from work just simply for the fact that I had 4 days off from work. ha! Lovely dinners, family time, hanging out with friends and cousins, Christmas shopping (not on black friday mind you), and sleeping in!!

Last night, again no pictures, I went to a Clint Black concert (80-90's country musician) and it was a local concert! He played in our little town! It was a pretty fun time! I wish I would have brought my camera in with me but the security guard told me that we couldn't...so i ran back to my car to put it away then of course I see people taking pictures. figures. 

This weekend I'm headed to Reno for our annual Christmas tree hunt with a big group of family and friends. This will be the 6th year that we have been doing this tradition! I hope to come back with some rad photos because as you can see I didn't take any this past weekend during Thanksgiving. =( my bad...

I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Doing anything fun?

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iheartkiwi said...

What a cute bracelet! I always get sidetracked when I am supposed to be buying gifts for other people :)

That apple crisp looks delicious!