Portland: through my stomach.

We had such an awesome time in Portland!! What a lovely city. I could see myself living there. It's such a combination of San Francisco and my hometown of Nevada City. The people are friendly and as far as cities go it seemed like it was affordable.

Plus coming from California the land of taxes, it was nice getting a break from paying sales tax for the weekend. Haha.

Here's a glimpse at all the food that was consumed. Yum...
We went to Stumptown a couple times, checked out the famous Voodoo doughnuts, ate a delicious breakfast at Tasty n Sons, washed down a great dinner with the best drinks at Saucebox, tried a few brews at Bridgeport brewery,  had dessert at Moonstruck chocolate cafe, and checked out a fair share of street food.


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lj said...

Sorry if I'm commenting too much, but now I really can't wait to visit. Thanks for posting all the places you guys ate!