Anthony and I are headed to Portland, Oregon tomorrow for a fun little road trip. We will also be celebrating his 24 birthday (what a youngster!).

Really looking forward to exploring stumptown and of course drinking lots of coffee and microbrews!

I have been to Portland once before when I was about 10 or 11. I remember really liking Portland and thinking it was a beautiful city. Can't wait to rediscover it!

Please if you have any recommendations on things to eat, see, or do.... Please let me know!! :)

Now the question is should I remember to being these thick rimmed glasses with me?? LOL


lj said...

I've never been to Portland, but I'd love to go! My husband lived there for a couple of years, and it sounds like somewhere I'd like to live -- I'm getting pretty sick of Arizona in the summer. Anyway, here is a restaurant that I'm going to try when I go from Endless Simmer:


Hope you weren't looking for anything healthy.

Ashley said...

OMG!! I wish I would have seen this list before I went!! Those sandwiches look awesome!!

You must go! Portland is rad!

Erica said...

did the glasses make it??