It was hard to go to work on Monday. I was tried from a weekend well spent. Summer is really getting into full gear. There was a BBQ on Friday, Shopping on Saturday and dinner with my dad that same night, then homemade breakfast made by Anthony on Sunday, a visit with my grandpa, a few hours on the lake with friends, and a birthday dinner. It was the epitome of what my summers consist of. Friends, family, water, food, and sun.

The sad thing is I didn't take any pictures. Not a single one. Sometimes I think that means that the weekend was good. If I'm too busy living in the moment instead of being behind the lens. I love having pictures of my days but sometimes I think the picture taken with my memory is better and even special. It's all my own.

I hope that the summer treats everyone well. Lets all remember to wear our sunscreen!

Happy Summer!!

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